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Rascal Protective Association
ENDLESS YUUHI LOVE!! <彡・_・ミ>(・__・∞) combi daisuki!!
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26th-Dec-2011 02:44 am - Yuuhi Oozora -
Yuuhi Smile Priceless

宙組トップスター・大空祐飛 退団会見のお知らせ




Actively planning my Summer Trip to Japan, I need to be there on 7/1/12, I need to see her priceless smile. 

It's really hard to describe my feeling right now, because of all the obvious signs. I'm more than prepared, and the freaking Cry Max part is so damn true!!

Nice guy will become nice lady soon!!

22nd-Jun-2011 01:52 am - Happy day!
Yuuhi - the Rascal with Glasses LOL
 Yuuhi-san happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

It's an old fanvid, and my love for you never changed!

30th-May-2011 05:39 pm - YuhiSumi Now On Stage
Sunflower Yuuhi Sumika
 What can I say about these two?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (From Weibo)

My very own source of happiness <3 Yuuhi Smile Priceless!!
12th-May-2011 06:58 pm - From Weibo
Yuuhi Sumika Love

It is said Sumika was walking towards the sea but tripped and fell, so Yuuhi-sama ran over to save her!!!! It is said Yuuhi ran like a Flash LOOOOOOOL

P.S. I LOVE YUUHI IN BLACK SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21st-Apr-2011 04:26 pm(no subject)
MEMY Shinjinkouen Yuuhi!Gerald
The splendid Yuuhi dance ;))))))))

And a YuhiSumi For Whom the Bell Tolls fanmade video, by Xieshi
21st-Apr-2011 04:12 pm - Miichan
Yuuhi the Rascal LOL
23rd-Feb-2011 02:22 pm - Yuuhi won an award?!
Yuuhi the Rascal LOL

On a biz trip at Orlando right now, nice weather :) Going back to nyc on thursday. Hopefully the weather will get nicer. I heard from Ula that yuuhi won the Great Performance Award. As a devoted Yuuhi fan, I'm so thrilled. And according to Ula, Toko-San and Chie won the "best new actress" award before.

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16th-Jan-2011 04:45 pm - Oozora Yuuhi's Inbox...
Yuuhi Sumika Facebook
Our sweetest tsuki_in_sora initiated the YuhiSumi facebook friend request, so there are more from Oozora Yuuhi's Inbox... lol

Nono Sumika sent you a Relationship Request on Facebook

Nono Sumika added you as "Husband" on Facebook, please confirm this request...

Nono Sumika just Poked you, please poke her back asap...

Nono Sumika sent you a Group Invitation, "YuhiSumi RabuRabu", Nono Sumika is a member, are you? 

Nono Sumika sent you an Event Invitation,  

Event: "I Heart Yuuhi-san Poetry Competition"

Time: Every Saturday, 10:30PM. 

Location: Outside Yuuhi-san's apartment (If we get Yuuhi-san's permission we could hold it in-door ^^)

Created by: Nono Sumika, Houshou Dai, Soragumi Love

More Info: Otokoyaku Only (By Sumika)
                   Bring your own food (By Dai)

Yuuhi Trafalgar
Yuuhi - Trafalgar West Tea Party (at Niconico)

All the fans came to the tea party were divided into six sitting blocks this time (Block A - F). Each block got a different (Yuuhi-related) multiple choice question and was assigned an answer board accordingly. Fan picked a choice (paste a red dot under the choice on the answer board) . And fans are free to leave any comment regarding their picks.  Yuuhi will come to each block, read the question, and then guess what's fans' top pick. 

Q1. What uniform do you want Yuuhi-san to wear?
 (Emcee: MOEEEEEEEE; Yuuhi: *speechless* LOL)

1. Pilot Uniform
2. Fire Fighter Uniform
3. Police Uniform
4. Doctor White Coat
5. Babysitter (Jersey with an Apron)

Emcee: So what cosplay, nonononono, what uniform to you want Yuuhi-san to wear? 

Yuuhi: Cosplay... really?!!! LOL

Emcee: Sorry...haha ;D

Yuuhi: I think it should be No. 4 Doctor, but somehow the response (from fans) told me I should choose No. 5 Babysitter.

And Fans from Block A picked No. 5 Babysitter.

Yuuhi: *laughs* I'm super awesome (at guessing fans' pick) LOL

Fan comments,

Yuuhi: No.5 Babysitter got 69 votes.

Fan Comment: Even parents will be seduced by Yuuhi-san (as babysitter)

Yuuhi: Who wrote it?!!!!!! Somehow it feels not pure LOL... And No.1 Pilot Uniform got 44 votes. And No.3 Policeman...

Fan Comment under No.3 Policeman: "Please arrest me!"

Yuuhi: Cut me some slack please loooool

Q2. Which role do you want Yuuhi-san to play?

1. Zhuge Liang
(Takeshi Kaneshiro) from Red Cliff (赤壁)
2. Captain Jack Sparrow
(Johnny Depp) from Pirates of the Caribbean. 
3. Detective Shunsaku Aoshima
(Yūji Oda) from Bayside Shakedown (踊る大捜査線).
4. Jack
(Leonardo DiCaprio) from Titanic. 
5. Frank Farmer
(Kevin Costner) from Bodyguard.

Yuuhi picked No.3 Detective Aoshima, but the correct answer is  No.2 Captain Jack Sparrow XDDD

Fan comment: My first favorite is Johnny Depp, next is Yuuhi-san.

Yuuhi: *dies laughing* I like Johnny Depp too.

Q3. Which line do you want Yuuhi-san to say one more time?

1. 君の瞳に乾杯。 Here's looking at you, kid. (Casablanca)
2. パールさんでーす!  I am Pearl-san! (
Kawa Sawagi
3. 僕には何かがある。人にはない秀でた何かが。(The Last Party)
4. まだ、やり直せるさ?  Can we start over again?(Shangri-La)
5. 藤子・・・ Fujiko point point point  (Ooeyama Kaden) XDDDDDD

Yuuhi: Hmmmm, I think I will stop the "complex" thinking mode, just pick No.3 from The Last Party.

Fans from Block C: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

Yuuhi: What?! Eeeeeeh What?!!! This is such bad attitude you guys!

Fans from Block C: LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Yuuhi: Since they "Eeeeeeeh"ed me, I will pick No. 2 from Kawa Sawagi. Anyway, Block C has very bad attitude >_<


Fan comment: This is the first time Yuuhi played a role that is very arrogant. 

Yuuhi: How could you not add "San" after "Yuuhi"  ("Yuuhi-san" is a polite way to address people), ahhhhhhh, Block C has really bad attitude! >____<


Yuuhi: Did I just sound scary? LOL

9th-Jan-2011 11:49 am - A hilarious fan made video
Yuuhi Fantasy Land
This video is made by the gifted and talented Xieshi. :)  Yes, on a scale of 1 to 10, I will give this fan-made video 20!! LOOOOOOOOOL

MV (Click Me!!)  (Please patiently wait for the 15 sec ads generated by Tudou.com)

The first part is about a omg-really-r-u-kidding-me CP setting XDDDDDDDDDDD

The second part starts at 3:08 involving all the people showed up in the Tags LOOOL And if you found the first part a bit "wtf" please skip to the second part immediately :D

Anyway enjoy ;) and Happy 2011 everyone :)
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